The App

Organizing your child’s health and safety information has never been easier or faster. Download our new Child ID app (iOS or Android) to your iphone, ipad or Android mobile device and have a completed photo/form ID document in minutes! And best of all, it’s a native app, which means your child’s personal information stays in your phone - never on the cloud. Safe and Secure; the way it should be.

1. Make it
Touch the plus button in the upper right hand corner of the 1st screen and your form is ready to fill out. Tap the photo square to take your child’s picture, or use one from your smartphone’s camera roll. Fill out the information fields using your phone’s voice or keyboard functions, then press done.

2. Check it
Your new form is now on the first screen as an icon. Press it, and your saved document will appear on the next screen. Look it over and make sure everything is OK. Use the bar on the bottom of the screen to edit, copy, or if needed, delete the form and make a new one.

3. Send it
Click send and your form will be sent as a universally recognized pdf file to the email address you specify. You can encrypt the file with a code word for extra security. Once received, your form can be printed, copied or emailed again as an attachment.